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A Lesson in Street MMA: Don’t get KO’d by the injured dude with the cast on his broken hand

The ultimate no-win situation is when a MMA fighter takes on an injured or short notice challenger. If you win you just beat a wounded human. If you lose, you just lost to an injured opponent?!?

In street MMA these rules of match-making apply just the same as in UFC, Bellator or Rizin. So when an injured dude, who happens to be shirtless, runs up to start beef and request you square up, you have just entered yourself into a Street Fight catch-22. Fight the guy with a possible cement cast on his arm and get credit for beating up a one-armed opponent. Or lose to the guy with a broken hand with surprisingly deceptive counter striking skills in embarrassing fashion?

Roll the tape and see what happens to our friend in the hat who decides not to protect his chin versus an enemy who may or may not have gotten his hand casted just for this Street MMA moment.

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