A Lesson in Street MMA: Do not repossess a car from a ‘cage fighter’

I could watch cars get towed for hours with a giddy satisfaction that no other form of entertainment can provide. Whoever thought to combine repossession companies and camera crews deserves a $100 gift card to Applebee’s and a date with Thandie Newton. For humanities sake, I hope nobody actually takes Thandie Newton to Applebee’s. She’s the kind of girl you take to Red Lobster or P.F. Chang’s. Or if you’re like me, you’ll see if she’s ‘hood’ enough to eat tacos off a truck on a first date. That pretty much tells me if a woman is ‘girlfriend material’ without having to deal with the mandatory 18% gratuity. Regardless of where you take your lady to dinner, being behind on your car note can kill your social life. You can hand over the keys to your bank’s repossessor or hope your MMA skills are good enough to take out a tow truck driver twice your size like this dude from last night’s episode of South Beach Tow.

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