A Lesson in Street MMA: Conversations and debates from open guard

When the Kool-Aid man breaks through a wall in a commercial, all the kids start cheering. Imagine a seven-foot pitcher full of Kool-Aid breaking through your house screaming ‘Oh yeah!’ — it’s a horrifying thought. He might spill over and get some of himself on the carpet. The worst thing is, you can’t do anything about it because he has the ability to drown you. That’s scary, but not as scary as this new installment of ‘A Lesson in Street MMA.’

Actually, there’s nothing scary about this video. Replace the word ‘scary’ with ‘hilariously entertaining’ and then we’re in business. In business to do what — I’m not entirely sure. Just watch this new installment of ‘A Lesson in Street MMA’ and learn how to have an effective debate while being mounted by your opponent.

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