A Lesson in Street MMA: Circle Pit= Circle Hit

Mosh pits are a lot like the Black Friday sales, except they’re set to music and you paid to be there. There’s usually a good handful of like minded people who are generally in good spirits, and just looking to have a good time; so when a fight breaks out it’s pretty clear that something went wrong.

I must admit, I have no idea why anyone would be in a circle pit for some EDM, but I’m old and out of touch. But during my youth, I spent a lot of my time in the hardcore music scene giving high-fives and doing stage dives (“Woooo!”-Ric Flair), so I’m highly familiar with the standard protocol of a show where moshing might be a thing. That in mind, I was naturally attracted to this video and wanted to CSI the ever-livin-sh*t out of the situation to see if I could pinpoint the exact cause of the greatest walk-off home run that I (or the pretty young brunette who’s obviously never left the cul-de-sac)had ever seen. Usually when things like this happen, it’s because one guy made a move on another guy’s girl in an obvious violation of the Bro Code. A very close second is a guy accidentally (or not) hit another guy, and the other guy goes on a quest to find the first guy the way Jack Burton went looking for his truck.

Now, of course, this fight could have happened for any number of reasons; and unfortunately I could not nail down any of them. But that’s not important. What is important is the fact that our clean-up hitter and his victim had apparently crossed paths before the video takes place and we get to see the dramatic conclusion unfold all from the clean safety of our homes—just like how I like to observe Black Friday.


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