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A Lesson in Street MMA: Cartoon Mascot Beatdown Edition

What you’re about to see is probably the strangest edition of Street MMA ever recorded. It’s a moment like this that actually makes me nostalgic for the old days of Street MMA, when approx. 62% of matches were recorded on a potato. Now, everyone records constantly with cameras on their phones that are better than what we had when we started MiddleEasy. There’s a lot of footage out there.

Combining the advancements of cellphone technology with the Russian dash-cam has provided us some incredible moments. Moments that are impossible to forget. But nothing, just nothing quite like this.

This beatdown is actually so one-sided it wouldn’t even qualify as Street MMA in a normal scenario, but when you pick a fight with Spongebob, you pay the price. That’s the lesson to be learned here.

Street MMA and Russian dash-cams have jumped the shark. Whatever that means.

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