A Lesson in Street MMA: Beware the teacher that knows judo

I’ve only been privy to watching a few school fights go down. Thankfully, all of them were entertaining enough to satiate my animalistic, hormone-driven, teenage desire to see violence occur on school grounds. Both of the school fights I’ve seen went down in cafeterias, which somehow seems to be the most fitting place and the most common place where school fights happen. I think it has a lot to do with the large audience present. The best school fight I’ve seen was one where a teacher intervened. Let’s be honest here, we’ve all wanted to see our teachers fight students. Whether it’s because you think a teacher is a secret badass and you want him to smash some douche or because you think the teacher deserves a soccer kick to the face, school fights are always better when a teacher is involved. In my case, I saw a former math teacher of mine come sprinting out of nowhere to tackle the aggressor in what was an insane combination of football and wrestling. I honestly thought the guy killed the kid because he smashed him into a lunch table like he was attempting to re-create a pro-wrestling move.

In this scenario, a teacher uses a different kind of combat art to take down an overly aggressive student in a cafeteria – judo. It’s unclear from the video what the situation is exactly (as is the case with 90% of Street MMA), but it’s certainly clear that the teacher used a beautifully executed hip toss to pacify the teen without using excessive force. Now that the teachers seem to be taking classes at their local dojo, maybe it’s time for the students to do the same. Release some of that aggression in a more constructive manner.

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