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A Lesson in Street MMA: An impromptu battle royale between Mexican families will always lead to jumpkicks

I like my Street MMA pure. I’m not a big fan of these sound effects and overdubbed music tracks, but this fight between multiple, or one Mexican family is so insane it has to be shared. I mean, it’s nutty enough with the dog trying to get between the combatants, trying to be the tail-wagging voice of reason, but when some dude decides it’s time to perform some running drop kicks on what I assume is his, or a rival family, well… Cue the Sh*t just got real .gif.

Sit back, relax and watch this impromptu battle royale. It’s worth your two minutes and eight seconds. There’s even blood.

Thanks to ZombieProphet, who sent me this in an email with the subject heading “bro.”

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