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A Lesson in Street MMA: A well-placed Tae Kwon Do kick to the body can stop everything

We have over 120 lessons of Street MMA on MiddleEasy and we’re still sorting through all of them to place a nice tab on the Fighting section of the site. It’s a daunting task that the normal human couldn’t manage. Luckily we have a robot doing it for us. Seriously, this technology — it’s crazy. Who would have thought a robot knew the difference between a flying drop kick and a overhand right? It would be pretty gnarly if there was a thing called an ‘overdrop high right’ or even a ‘flying over kick.’ Sounds like a move James Toney would pull off, but too bad he’s busy perfecting his ‘side check kick.’

In this installment of A Lesson in Street MMA, we learn that a well-placed Tae Kwon Do kick to the body can stop everything. It’s literally kryptonite to your opponent in a street fight. No one expects to catch one to the bread basket, and no one in the past five years has referred to the stomach as a bread basket. Props to Anthony M. for the find.

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