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A Lesson in Street MMA: 360 kicks cannot save you


I enjoy EA UFC. I didn’t used to, and throughout much of its pre-release promotion, I was apprehensive at best. Let’s be honest – the Showtime kick was so long ago and happened one time. Do an influx of fighters who’ve never even thrown a spin kick really need to have it in their digital arsenal? I don’t think so. I also said that I had no interest in next-gen consoles due to the lack of titles, but as everyone here at Middle Easy knows I recently made the jump and purchased a PS4. Usually, I have the absolute worst buyer’s remorse, but I’m not even sorry because this thing is awesome. So I bought EA UFC to play with the guys…and played it once for an hour then just kept playing MLB The Show. That was until the recent patch made EA UFC feel like a completely different game, and now I can’t stop playing. Go ahead add me on PSN – TheUncannyJonesy. That said, I still don’t see why EVERYONE has to throw spinning shit because, well, some people just shouldn’t throw spinning shit. 

Case and point? This dude. After a period of what I can only assume is the proverbial “shit talk” these two gentleman decide that the only way to settle this matter is to simply engage in the time honored tradition of “fisticuffs.” But wait! The gentleman on the left has a super secret deadly technique – the spin kick. Except that it’s not secret…and it’s not deadly…and…just watch…

So many questions are left unanswered. Why were they shirtless? Why did it seem like literally no one passing by cared? Why did he let him go after he tapped out in a street fight?! 
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