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This weather balloon with a GoPro attached to it is magical

Space is cool. It’s pretty simple. Space is just plain cool, Steve McQueen levels of cool. One of my favorite moments from this year was watching a meteor shower in August. It’s weird to think that right now, I’m sitting in bed writing this and how insignificant that is in the grand scheme of the universe. I could just smash my head on the keyboard repeatedly and the universe would just keep moving and going without a care in the world. My position in the universe is meaningless, furthermore I’d argue that someone such as Bill Gates position in the universe is meaningless as well. He’s one man in an universe that is infinite and endless, sure here on Earth he is a man of great power and impacts everyone’s life, but the mere fact that he impacts a few billion lives, when there an infinite number of other beings out there is just too much for my brain to even handle.

It’s videos such as this that make me think like this. Videos such as this that show the earth and how small is truly is. Space is cool, space is beautiful, stuff is awesome.

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