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This crop circle casts doubt on all crop circles

To some, crop circles are undeniable proof of extraterrestrials visiting us. There’s multiple theories on how or why aliens may leave these but we can be sure that it isn’t for communication. What kind of backwards race travels hundreds of thousands of miles, finds another sentient race and decides the best way to communicate is to shear patterns into patches of ground which tend to be far from the nearest significant human population? Whatever this crazy space-faring race may be, they recently made a stop in California.

If you happen to live near Chualar, California then you may have already heard about the crop circle which appeared last week. Locals reported also seeing UFO lights in the sky at around the same time, or so 23Xtreme tells us. Could it really be an alien race visiting us and purposely choosing sparsely populated areas, perhaps for safety? In this case, no. It was Nvidia. Given a “shoe string” budget, the marketing team needed a way to create advertising which would make other people talk about their product and they came up with a crop circle because presumably, they are targeting the owners of HAM radios for their new Tegra K1 chip.

The crop circle turned out to be a rendering of the chip with the number 192 in braille inside it, to highlight the chip’s 192 cores which Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says brings mobile computing to the same level as desktop computing. As incredible as the Tegra K1 chip is, it isn’t as incredible as actual K1. Just like their unorthodox advertising wasn’t as incredible as a real crop circle, if such things exist. Turns out they are really just another method of communication after all.

Props to 23Xtreme who gave us the news, and banked himself 100 points.

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