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This conspiracy theory holds that all popular music has been designed to induce aggression

Let me offer a quick tip for reading about science. If what you are reading tells you that an experiment has “proven” something, it’s written by someone with no science training or knowledge. Science doesn’t prove anything, ever. As a scientist, you carry out studies in order to ascertain whether an idea should be accepted or rejected as a possible explanation for a specific phenomena. Unscientific writing on science generally uses the wrong language, especially when the studies being looked at are of the pseudoscientific variety. Does “this EMF proves that a ghost still resides here” sound familiar?

Even though it is poorly phrased from the very start, I came across a science-based conspiracy theory which was very interesting. This theory holds that popular Western music is tuned to 440 Hz because US and Nazi experimentation found that this was the theory most likely to induce fear and aggression in the listener. It was changed from 435 Hz in 1926 informally, and later standardized by the International Organisation of Standards in 1955, but the conspiracy theory likes to pin this change on Goebbels “convincing” the Austrian government…

Aside from distrusting anything along the lines of “aligning your vibrations with the universe,” there are too many holes in the whole theory for me to be on-side, are you convinced?

Read the whole thing here then come back and let us know where this ranks on your BS scale.

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