The future is here: Hershey’s is creating 3D-printed chocolate

Since 3D printing started to come into the public consciousness, we’ve been waiting on the news that it would be publicly accessible for all despite lack of 3D modelling experience. So far that hasn’t been the case. Even a 3D modelling booth in the supermarket where we can take multiple pictures of ourselves or any object and create a miniature 3D printed version isn’t really what we’re looking for.

It would be awesome if we could take potato molecules (bear with me, my biology is rusty) and they 3D print mashed potatoes. It sounds like a futuristic version of packet instant mash but it would revolutionize my life because I presume we could set the printer to make a bowl of mashed potatoes at a certain time with a smartphone app.

Luckily, people much smarter than I have already been working on 3D printing food. The main issue has been the “ink” that the printers use needs to be edible. This has been solved and 3D Systems, the creators of 3D printing, have just announced that they will be teaming up with Hershey to develop 3D-printed chocolate.

If that isn’t music to your ears, consider the implications. Instead of recipe books, you download 3D printing instructions. The more advanced will tailor these in a 3D modelling program. You wirelessly fire the recipe instructions to your printer and ensure the ink packs installed are suitable for the recipe and hit “go.” Soon, you have a Hershey’s bar in your hands which you just made. We may not have jet packs, but that version of the future still sounds pretty sweet to me. Let’s just hope Reese get in on this.

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