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Oh Honey, let’s inject some 02 and go for a swim

I don’t really think I’ll be in any situations in which I’ll be drowning, except for my car possibly falling off a bridge like in Beetlejuice. For years I’ve suspected that falling off a bridge in Autumn on the east coast was how I’d meet my maker so to speak, but it wouldn’t be the impact of the car hitting the bridge or water killing me, it would be me drowning. 

So I hit the bridge wall, right? As I’m dangling precariously off the edge, I reach into the glovebox, shoot up some oxygen, fall into the water, then unroll the window and swim to safety. My wife and dog are home drinking hot chocolate already. They live to be 100-years-old.

So yeah, injectable 02, which will allow a human to breath for up to 20-30 minutes without… Breathing. It’s been created. The singularity is here, folks. Expect to hear about insane leaps in science like this often.

To quote Awescience:

The Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital came up with a new idea! They created micro-particles that can be injected in your bloodstream and oxygenate it. These particles are pockets of oxygen in layers of lipids, i.e specifically fats. This is then suspended in liquid, which can be injected into the bloodstream. Now this becomes quite handy because you don’t have to breathe at all till the time these particles carry oxygen.

This Injectable oxygen can keep people alive for 20 to 30 minutes without inhaling any oxygen.

Think about the 02 junkies, hanging out underneath the pier and just floating around like dead people. Get a job.

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