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Now you can overclock your brain by attaching this $249 device to your head

Now you can overclock your brain by attaching this $249 device to your head

It’s called ‘’ and when it’s attached to your head, you will look like this.

If you don’t like the standard black color then don’t worry, it also comes in red.

But what is this device that you’re ready to empty out your bank account on — if all you have in your bank account is $249?

The passes a small electrical current through the prefrontal cortex of your brain through something called transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). The prefrontal cortex is responsible for complex cognitive behavior, decision making, and the orchestration of short-term and long-term goals. According to the makers of, transcranial Direct Current Stimulation increases brain function by shooting electrons into your neurons, which makes your synapses fire faster — which equates to brain processes in the prefrontal cortex executing faster.

As of August 2013 the is now commercially available, and it will only set you back $249. Look, it even comes with this handy iPhone app that helps you control the device.

If you guys feel like shooting electricity into your brain, then you can pick up the device on the official webpage. Be sure to tell me how your self-administered lobotomy went if you do get one of these.

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