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Heads up Olympic gymnasts: This robot can do a PERFECT quadruple backflip and nail the landing

Two robot stories in two days. Let’s hope this serves as a pardon for when our new DAARPA overlords eventually take over government, replace our food supply with nutrition pills, and force humanity to watch FOX News everyday.

We love when robot videos are filmed in what appears to be a make-shift dungeon in their parent’s basement. In fact, the only people that deserve to have ‘lairs’ are supervillians that reside on a different planet, and roboticists that use bedsheets to cover up every inch of light in their domicile.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this video from Japan, but the most important part is that a guy actually made a robot that can pull off a perfect quadruple backflip and nail the entire thing like a 14-year-old Russian gymnast that had her entire childhood repressed.

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