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Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury Spotted Working On Grappling With Nick Diaz

Tyson Fury was spotted in a gym working on his grappling abilities with Nick Diaz. WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury announced his retirement from professional boxing after his final outing against Dillian Whyte but maintains firm on his stance to take on UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou in an exhibition bout. Tyson Fury trains grappling

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Ngannou Boxing

Francis Ngannou Believes He Hits Harder Than Deontay Wilder

Francis Ngannou is of the belief that he can deliver a more devastating punch than Deontay Wilder. Both Ngannou and Wilder are known for being the best power punchers of their sport. Ngannou is the UFC Heavyweight Champion, while Wilder once held the WBC Heavyweight Title in boxing. Both men possess one-punch knockout power and

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Mike Francis 2

Mike Tyson Teaches Francis Ngannou New Boxing Moves

Francis Ngannou Is Even More Dangerous Puncher Thanks To Mike Tyson Tyson Fury said he was interested in moving to MMA, but the UFC boss claims that action wouldn’t make sense. Yet, Dana didn’t completely shut the idea down. Yet, the heavyweight punching expert and knockout artist Francis Ngannou is interested in meeting Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury Wants to Fight in the UFC, Dana White Responds

Tyson Fury Serious About Fighting in the UFC It looks like heavyweight boxing star Tyson Fury is trying to expand his brand even further. Since his last boxing match against Otto Wallin, Fury entered the realm of the WWE. Now, Tyson seems to be very interested in fighting in the UFC. Aside from his playful

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