Opinion: We hope Rizin puts in the fix & Tenshin Nasukawa KO’s Floyd Mayweather

Is this real life? Look we really want to believe this but we can’t. Until Tenshin Nasukawa is in the Rizin ring with Floyd Mayweather we can’t understand any of this.

What is going on? If Rizin pulls Nasukawa versus Mayweather off they become the GOAT Japanese MMA promotion. It’s blasphemy but we are sorry. Getting Floyd Mayweather Jr. to come out of retirement, fly to Japan, fight on New Year’s Eve versus the Rizin’s top prospect is not just a coup, it’s a god damn world takeover.

Underrated funny thing about this entire situation? The UFC and Conor McGregor spent months lobbying and bending over backwards for Team Mayweather to book their crossover. Then out of nowhere Rizin and Tenshin Nasukawa book one of the most famous combat sports athletes of all-time just like that. Just a Thanos snap of the fingers and all memories of Mac vs. May get erased.

We’re still not sure about the rule-set, how much Mayweather is getting paid and how fans in the US can even watch Rizin 14 on New Year’s Eve but we don’t care.

Tenshin Nasukawa versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. at a Rizin New Year’s Eve card will be the greatest fever dream freak show fight combat sports has ever seen. Unless the UFC books Jon Jones vs. Anthony Joshua in a five round cage fight for the UFC heavyweight title, this cannot be topped.

We said once May vs. Mac anything could happen and no new levels of freak show fights should surprise us, yet here we are and we are more than a little surprised MF’ers.

Now we have to think of a way for Tenshin to knockout Floyd. You mock the Fight Gods this much and lightning may strike down on you. (alleged) Fixed fights are bad and we should be against it but this is the exception to the bendable rule. Do the right thing Rizin, book Tenshin to knock out Floyd inside of four rounds.

Thank you for this. Bless up.

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