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New MMA docuseries ‘Fighting in the Age of Loneliness’ is pretty rawesome

New MMA docuseries ‘Fighting in the Age of Loneliness’ is pretty rawesome

We came in skeptical and left in awe. From our friends over at SB Nation, the new documentary film ‘Fighting in the Age of Loneliness’ is something every fight fan needs to see. Hell, if you’re a fan of sports in general or just plain old good film making you need to watch this five part series.

When it comes to boxing, pro wrestling, MMA or any other combat sport, ‘Fighting in the Age of Loneliness’ holds up versus any previous attempt at chronicling the rawness and violence of it all on film. Sure the title of the series is a little on the nose and some of the attempts to connect politics and fight sports are looser than others, but holy shit this series of mini docs is really good.

Would love to watch it all in one sitting on a massive IMAX screen with our ears blown off from surround sound.

Writer and producer Felix Biederman and Jon Bois do a marvelous job of navigating the history of one on one human combat from the 15th century on to present day. Even for the most jaded current MMA fans or lapsed fans who fell out of love with human cage fighting, there is something for everyone here. You will also learn some new facts along the way as well.

Check the description for part one of the five part series.

“We begin with the legendary encounters between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, the touchstones of this modern era of fighting. How did we get here? The origins of this sport trace back to centuries ago, when a 5’2, 90-pound young man named Kano Jigoro revolutionized martial arts forever.”

Chapter One

Chapter Two

And Chapter Three just dropped today (Nov. 28)

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