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Interview: Rachael Ostovich is quickly becoming the most inspirational fighter in MMA

Interview: Rachael Ostovich is quickly becoming the most inspirational fighter in MMA

There’s turning lemonades into lemonade then there is whatever Rachael Ostovich is doing. Rachael Ostovich is turning tap water into champagne.

By now we all know the story of Rachael. Asshole husband attacks her. Domestic violence allegedly happens. Rachael walks away with a broken orbital bone. Arnold Berdon, also an MMA fighter( a very bad one), pleads not guilty. Rachael hits him with a restraining order.

Rachael was scheduled to face Paige VanZant in January. Due to the attack it looked like Rachael’s fight with Paige would be scrapped.

When everyone was nudging her to pull out of the fight, Rachael pressed through despite her turbulent home life.

“Although this is a very difficult time for me and my family, I felt that this fight in January was important. I felt that it was extremely important to me to follow through with it — not only for me, but first for my daughter and other people that might be going through similar situations. I want to take a stand against domestic violence and show others that it’s OK to come out and speak about it and not be quieted.

“This is something that can’t be taken away from me. I want to use this big, worldwide UFC platform to show people that, don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your dreams and your career.”

I never said this phrase before and I’ll likely never say it again. Not even sure this is the correct context….Rachael Ostovich, slay Queen.

To anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence, the story of Rachael Ostovich standing up for herself is inspiring. Anyone who has ever been a physically, verbally or mentally abused by someone they deeply care for, Rachael’s guts are inspiring.

Props to Rachael, MiddleEasy and the entire MMA community is rooting for you on Jan. 19 in Brooklyn.

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