In hindsight, the new Colby Covington video is even more cringe than we thought

Colby Covington super bowl

Colby Covington didn’t just jump the shark, he tripped over his own shoelaces on the way to falling into the mouth of Jaws. There was a brief, very brief, time when Colby Covington was mildy amusing.

Hey, this fighter is okay and has a really boring fighting style, but at least he’s trying. At least he’s doing something different. Then Colby quickly ran out of original material and just started reaching.

Now the former interim welterweight champion is stuck living a gimmick, he has no idea what to do with himself. Colby is lost and he’s just grasping at air trying to find himself.

It’s kind of sad, but then you remember he’s a huge asshole and you just kind shrug at it all.

From MMA’s most controversial man to MMA loneliest man in the span of a few months? Colby lost out on his shot versus Tyron Woodley and he may never get it again. Colby also went from one of the UFC’s favorite fighters to residing right in Dana White’s doghouse.

Colby played the game and still got played in the end. No wonder he’s now making some of the most depressing videos on The Internet.

Take for example, yesterday’s (Feb. 3) when Colby dropped this video, starring himself and some woman he paid to be there. Colby has entered the world of being an online gambling tout and the shoe really fits here. This guy has no shame and even gives you his bet for the Super Bowl.

So about that advice….

If there was a way for this video to go worse for Colby Covington, he somehow did it. Congrats on that at least.

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