Brock’s next move, Cyborg & UFC, and more in the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Brock Cyborg MMA rumors

These are wild times in the world of MMA. Which also makes for some wild MMA rumors bubbling to the surface. Now more than ever, to the hate of many, the lines between MMA and pro wrestling are blurring.

This is great. This is weird. It also 100% makes sense with where the sport is headed. UFC won the Promotion Wars. In order to be different and stand out, more elements of pro wrestling have sprinkled into anything non-UFC.

Hell, the UFC has always modeled itself after WWE, despite many fans keeping their head in the sand about it.

As always these are rumors that have been talked about behind closed doors between MMA higher ups, so take them as MMA rumors.

Summer is almost here. Embrace the final days of Spring and smell the roses with your Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

  • Rumor is Brock Lesnar is returning to WWE soon. This doesn’t end UFC talks but Brock will be right back at the top of the card in his next WWE match.
  • After three straight years of having two fights a year in the UFC, Cris Cyborg has been quite in 2019. Rumors are Team Cyborg are still weighing her options with one fight left with the UFC. Word is at the end of the day Cyborg will sign a new deal with UFC.
  • Dipping back into pro wrestling, rumors say Bellator is interested in WWE star Jack Gallagher. The Irish wrestler has previous MMA experience.
  • Huge if true, ONE Championship may not be done adding big name free agents. Rumors are ONE will add another former UFC headliner in the coming months.
  • After signing a TV deal with TNT, new pro wrestling promotion AEW may be signing Bellator heavyweight Jack Swagger in the near future.

If you have heard of any interesting Sunday Morning Rumor Mill MMA rumors that you would like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, tweet us or mail them to us in an unmarked envelope. Just remember they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take them as such.

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2 thoughts on “Brock’s next move, Cyborg & UFC, and more in the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill”

  1. Dude is a Roid monkey. Can’t pass a test paid off testing officials when he failed got paid for you UFC Daniel Cormier stunt now back to the roid monkeys in the WWE
    If you fail a test you should be able to compete again he cheated should be out of our competition lifetime ban is bullshit Otherwise make it legal

  2. Cyborg is asking for a 4 fight 10 million dollar new contract or she is wanting to test free agency and is willing.


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