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Korean Zombie Reveals Ways Which Fighters Cheat On The Scales

Korean Zombie Reveals Ways Which Fighters Cheat On The Scales

Korean Zombie Reveals All Methods

UFC featherweight contender The Korean Zombie revealed how many fighters use multiple ways to cheat during pre-fight weigh-ins.

In a recently-uploaded video with the help of ROAD FC fighter Seung Min Baek, Zombie spoke about one common trick used such as the towel method — employed by Daniel Cormier before UFC 210 back in 2017 and Hakeem Dwadou at UFC 240 last summer where they gripped the towel to reduce their weight.

However, the Korean then spoke about a more unknown method which involves whoever is accompanying the fighter such as a cornerman.

“I’m not sure if I’m able to talk about this, but this is probably one of the biggest weigh-in scamming methods that the fighters have used,” Zombie said. “… Once a fighter gets up on the scale to weigh-in, the fighter’s second will stand right next to them to check and see if they have met the required weight.

“If the fighter hasn’t, with one finger, they will slightly lift the fighter’s bottom. This is one of the most interesting methods I have seen. I’m not even applying pressure, but just slightly using my finger to lift Seung Min up. … I’m literally doing nothing, just slightly touching him.”

Seung Min then noted how that method took one pound off of him. Zombie later demonstrated how some corners stand behind the fighters weighing in and apply a slight push to get some pounds off.

So why is Zombie revealing all this? Ultimately, his goal is to create more awareness and an even playing ground.

“If our fans are aware of what the fighters are doing, maybe it’ll somehow stop them from doing it,” Zombie added. “Cutting weight is harder than the actual fight. If you’re not committed to cutting your weight and you end up cheating at the weigh-in, you’re being unfair to the person who made the cut the honest way.”

You can watch the full video below:

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