Zoila Frausto knows that people think she lost her fight against Jessica Aguilar

We all remember the Bellator women’s 115 lb semi-final match that ended up being a split-decision win for Zoila Frausto over Jessica Aguilar. Of course a lot of you were upset, I remember the multitude of ‘WTFs’ that appeared on my Twitter feed when the judges gave the nod to Zoila Frausto. Granted, it was a highly competitive bout that should have gone an extra round — much like every fight that ends up going the distance without a unanimous decision. Unfortunately for this to be instituted, a cataclysmic change in MMA needs to happen, a change so revolutionary that we’re just too apathetic to start it. We’ll just comfortably sit inside our living room and wait for someone else to do it. While we wait in vain for something that will never happen, check out this video of Zoila Frausto after her Bellator 35 win talking about her 115 lb belt that she may never defend and her undying urge to get a rematch with Jessica Aguilar.

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