Video: Zhou Zhipeng Overcomes Recreates David and Goliath by Beating Hong Man Choi

Hong Man Choi: 7’2, 352lbs. Zhou Zhipeng: 5’8, 158lbs. On paper, it looks like it was Nate Diaz fighting Conor McGregor. In this kickboxing match, the outcome wouldn’t be quite the show as the UFC 202 main event, but Zhipeng would come out victorious against the giant Korean. If you don’t believe us, please see for yourself.

Thank the combat deities for weird, freak show shit like this that keeps it interesting. This is the milk that was suckled from the MMA tit long ago and still hits that sweet spot right in the nostalgia gland. Silk Road Hero in China knows what they’re doing and they do that one thing well.

Watch the entire fight below and imagine the biblical myth come to life.

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