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Zhang Weili Documents Hospital Trip With Joanna Jedrzejczyk After UFC 248

Zhang Weili Documents Hospital Trip With Joanna Jedrzejczyk After UFC 248

Zhang Documents Hospital Trip With Herself and Joanna

Zhang Weili is an absolute warrior. Not only is she the UFC women’s strawweight champion, but she’s also one half of what is already considered the greatest women’s MMA fight of all time. The other half of that matchup was Joanna Jedrzejczyk, who suffered some very visible injuries during the fight. After the bout, both competitors were sent to the hospital for precautionary measures. Zhang shared some of the details about the hospital trip, including a sentimental moment with Joanna.

Jedrzejczyk and Weili had a five-round war for the ages. The fight was full of power, pace, skill, and determination. Both contestants didn’t back out and traded powerful shots until the fight ended. During the fight, Zhang was able to land a powerful right hand that instantly created a gigantic hematoma on Joanna’s head.

Zhang ultimately secured a split decision victory to hold onto her title. Two judges scored the contest (48-47) for Weili with the third judge scoring the bout with the same (48-47) score for Jedrzejczyk.

Zhang Documents Hospital Trip with Joanna

Afterward, both competitors were sent to the hospital. Zhang documented the trip to the hospital with Joanna and shared it via social media.


“After the match, Joanna and I, we both met at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital almost at the same time,” said Weili.

“There was just a curtain between us. She kept crying for hours. I feel very sad. I especially wanted to comfort her. But the language barrier, I can only tell her, “Good job! You did very well. You are very good.” Then she kept crying, covering her head,” Zhang continued.

“And I feel very sad, to be honest. Although she was disrespectful to me before. But I saw her injury while crying. I felt bad for her. Then I talked to her. Then when she left — I am waiting for the examination. When she left, she told me this and I was particularly moved, she said: ‘Keep defending and I will watch you’ she said, ‘Keep defending and I will watch you. It will get harder and harder.’ I almost shed tears. At that time, I felt the warrior should be like this.”

Booking A Rematch

Looks like newfound respect was gained between the two warriors. Usually, that is the case when two fighters beat each other to smithereens. If Joanna were to get a rematch against Zhang, it’s doubtful that anyone would disagree with the matchmaking.

For now, let’s admire Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s sentimental hospital trip.


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