Zara’s back with her Weird Week in Social Media September 6-12

So welcome to another instalment of Zara’s Weird Week in Social Media, where I comb through countless pictures of food and endless selfies. Granted most are my own or Felice Herrig’s, not sure who posts more… Anyway, may as well kick things off with Felice!

As you may have seen on Jimmy Kimmel he has celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves. Well, Felice has made her own mean tweets video, of course FrontRowBrian gets a mention as there has been some drama between him, Felice and her manager this week on Twitter.

Watch the sad video here.

Keeping with the ladies, three of my favourites were on the set of The Orphan Killer 2. Marina Shafir as a stunning version of The Undertaker along with Shayna Baszler and her client Jessamyn Duke, who make a seriously badass Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Gotta give it up to Ben Askren who has is probably posted the strangest photo this week. All I can ask is, why? Why are you holding a baby Dana White? Why is baby Dana White so disturbing? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have Baby Dana nightmares.


Irish magazine VIP, which no one reads, has named Conor McGregor 2014’s “Most Stylish Man”. McGregor has the worst suits I’ve ever seen even JJ Bella has a better dress sense than Conor. Just because they’re custom doesn’t mean they look good. I’m assuming Conor’s competition was my favourite Irish childhood character Bosco.

On my favourite day of the week, Throwback Thursday, Chris Cariaso has shared this photo of his face from his BMX days. Chris says that it’s road rash but to me it just looks like Chris has a bad case of herpes. That seriously looks nasty.

Well they certainly warm up differently in Sweden. Alexander Gustafsson is seen here giving Ilir Latifi a piggy back into what I’m going to describe as a manly group cuddle session. It looks quite odd if I’m being honest. Maybe it’s just some male bonding thing that I don’t understand.

And Cage Warriors Tommy Quinn has found a way to ruin pizza, yes that is possible. Pizza is meant to be full of meat and cheese, it is not meant to have Nutella and M&M’s on it. That is just wrong.

Tommy, you have committed crimes against pizza. I don’t even think Andre Fili would approve. Do you want diabetes Tommy? Because that’s how you get diabetes. 

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