Zara breaks down Paddy feuds, arses and dog poo in this Weird Week in Social Media

Welcome to my Weird Week in Social Media! This week the Paddys are at it, well we are always fighting about something and J-Roc hits up Bellator.

So this week Conor faced off with Dennis Siver, now if Siver is 5’7” and Conor is 5’9” there should not be such a big height difference. Which has led me to believe that while Conor has been in America, Tom Cruise and himself have been sharing style tips and Conor has embraced the Cuban heel.

Keeping with Conor, looks like WWE’s Sheamus and himself have been having a little banter on Twitter this week. I’m sorry though Conor, Sheamus wins with his “Had bigger dumps after a salad” comment. All this reminds me of is the Family Guy episode where they visit Ireland and the two brothers are circling daring each other to throw the first punch.

Nice to see Bellator’s Mercedes Terrell isn’t down in the dumps after she was the victim of a real shitty photobomb this week. I love that the dog just looks at the camera and you can just tell that he’s happy out and doesn’t give a crap. Ok, I’m done now.

*Throws bag of attention at Angela Magana* Can someone please ban her from the internet? She’s one of the main reason I had to stop watching TUF 20. As Bisping said “who are you again?” Magana is just an irrelevant twat using her ass to try and get some attention. I think you should put less focus on taking pics of your arse, which isn’t even a nice arse and focus more on your training since your last win was in 2011.

After his KO win at Bellator 131 Joe Schilling showed us his best King Mo impersonation which isn’t half bad, dawg. Even though it did kinda remind me of J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys, ya know what I’m sayin’?


Post #Bellator131 KO win – @joe_schilling is giving us his best @kingmofh impression. Did he pull it off?

A video posted by Bellator MMA (@bellatormma) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:18pm PST

Well, maybe Kyle Noke is looking for a career after the UFC, Kyle might just become the new The Crocodile Hunter! I’d expect this kinda stuff from Cowboy but jaysus Noke, are you insane? You couldn’t pay me to go anywhere near a crocodile. I’d be legging it in the opposite direction.


I get to do some pretty cool things sometimes.

A photo posted by kylenoke (@kylenoke) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:23am PST

Talking about Cowboy, he clearly gives zero fucks and brings a horse to Jackson’s MMA, or maybe he was bringing Reem some food. I suppose horseback is one way to get to the gym. I myself prefer to travel by car or think about going and just sit in my pyjamas and eat pizza. It’s usually the latter. 


Yes that’s a horse in @jacksonsmma

A photo posted by Donald Cerrone (@cowboycerrone) on Nov 11, 2014 at 3:01pm PST


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