MMA Rundown

Zab Judah KOing Floyd Mayweather in sparring news from fake reporter tricked the MMA Internet

Dateline, Las Vegas, Nevada where an ace beat reporter Mario Saunders (?) from the Las Vegas Post (…….um) is live tweeting Zab Judah knocking out Floyd Mayweather during a recent sparring session (lol). The Mayweather-McGregor hype train is running out of tracks and the news cycle has melted down to its dumbest possible incarnation.

Just going to stand back and watch breaking news develop before our eyes. Grab your popcorn and watch Fake News brewed right before your eyes.

Yes! Let the May-Mac facehugger consume you


But wait there’s more

We’ve officially reached the point where made-up social media accounts are breaking made up news. Can Mayweather vs. McGregor never end?

All that is left for actual MMA news outlet to post and run with this completely fictional story

Thank you, based Fight Gods you are firm, fair and downright hilarious