Your favorite Why-Fedor-Lost YouTube Analyst is back again, this time he tell us why ‘Anderson Silva Sucks’

There’s an adorable little lady selling arepas underneath the train tracks in Astoria Queens every weekend. She comes out at about 8pm and stays around until the sun comes up to feed all the drunken college students who ventured out of Manhattan to the outer-boroughs because the booze is cheaper. While they might not get laid that night, their more-than-adequet consolation prize is one of her arepas, which ironically has nothing to do with why this dude is still making videos analyzing MMA fighters. I don’t think anyone knows why he does it, but it’s obvious you love watching them. In today’s episode, sagatbalrog’s breaks down why “Anderson Silva Sucks” – and without watching it, you’ll probably continue believing the ‘myth’ that the Spider actually knew what he was doing. [Source]

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