You’re not the only one that can attempt to predict Fedor vs. Hendo

E. Look at that thing. What’s that ‘E’ doing over there? It’s isolated, alone in its little alphabetic prison. D and F can’t save it now. They used to be friends with E, but now that E is doing solo projects, they’ve moved their separate ways. E is by itself, much like my belief that Fedor Emelianenko will be victorious at this weekend’s Strikeforce. ‘E’ for Emelianenko. Or is it ‘D’ for Dan and ‘F’ for Fedor?  Regardless, in my years of following the sport, I’ve watched far too much MMA to bet against Fedor. Sure I’ve done it in the past, and I lost my entire February rent believing that Andrei Arlovski could defeat Emelianenko. Therefore, I’m not predicting anything. Instead, I’ll just let the fighters at last weekend’s Stirkeforce Challengers card do it for me. [Source]

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