You MUST watch this vicious knockout at Fightworld Cup 9

‘Pat Promrangka wins against Mitch Heron by a huge knockout at FightWorld Cup 9,’ how’s that for a very simple yet effective YouTube video description? Or how about the random guy that left a comment on the video regarding Pat Promrangka making weight but still coming in overweight for Fightworld Cup 9?

“Yeah its good when you cant make weight and weigh in at 1.5kg over. Good tactic. Might have been a different result then. And nice work punching after he was already out. Good sport that one.”

All these lovely people, where do they all come from? It’s like we live in a world called reality, but within this reality is another sub-reality that we all inhabit. It’s a simulacra of a reality that may or may not exist. Damn. Just watch this vicious knockout at Fightworld Cup 9, it should bring you back to the ‘real’ reality — or will it? [Source]

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