You may think you can slice a watermelon better than Gabriel Gonzaga, but that’s impossible

In all honesty, there’s no wrong way to cut open a watermelon and enjoy it in the summertime. You could smash it with a sledgehammer, shoot it with a shotgun, or put some leftover fireworks into it and watch it explode. Once the pieces hit the ground, they’re all delicious and an outstanding source of carbohydrates to keep you from dehydrating in the suburbs. Chances are, if you have a watermelon in your general vicinity and your friends don’t, your life is far better than theirs. Gabriel Gonzaga wants you to enjoy your watermelons even more than you do now, and that’s why he put together this short demonstration on the optimal way to extract its interior with the greatest of ease. Your life will be enriched as soon as you hit the play button.


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