You guys are flippin’ crazy, we have ANOTHER winner in our Jaco Tattoo contest

Look at you guys, permanently scarring your body for $400 worth of free Jaco Clothing gear and there’s nothing I can do to stop you. Josh Ham is our seventh winner in our ‘Get a Jaco tattoo and win a $400 worth of FREE Jaco clothing!‘ contest. This Jaco tattoo was done by Samantha at ‘Mystical Illusions Tattoo’ in Oklahoma City. Rules are simple, get a Jaco tattoo and get free gear delivered directly to your door.

As far as the other guy who sort of/kind of got a Jaco tattoo a few days ago, here’s the official ruling: Dude get’s $400 in Jaco Gear. However, I personally feel like that guy pulled a fast one on and Jaco Clothing. The entire point of this contest is for people to get a Jaco logo on their bodies. I’m sure some of you love to be creative and you’ve probably colored outside the lines when you were in elementary school, but getting a Jaco tattoo and then covering it up with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t represent Jaco or MiddleEasy is, as DJ Jazzy Jeff would say, whack. There’s no need to bring skulls or vulgarity into this. Needless to say, the official Jaco Contest rule book has changed to prevent people from taking advantage of our generosity.


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