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You did it: Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos is going down at UFC 160

You did it: Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos is going down at UFC 160

Just more proof asserting the claim that Dana White indeed puts on the fights the fans want to see. Except Fedor, of course. He’s the outlier in the entire ZUFFA equation. Dana White claims he tried to bring The Last Emperor in the UFC back in 2009 but M-1 Global’s demands were just too absurd. The proposed bout was with, at the time, UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Call me silly (or you can call me by Zeus, it doesn’t really matter — just don’t call me late for dinner), but in retrospect it’s widely apparent that if Fedor would have placed a few overhand rights on Brock Lesnar’s jaw the fight could have been over quick. The Last Emperor could have been champion in order to face his bud, Shane Carwin, in his first title defense. Then would have come Cain Velasquez in Anaheim, then quite possibly Junior dos Santos in Las Vegas. If everything would have gone as planned, Fedor would defend his belt against Alistair Overeem at some point last year and then he would announce his retirement as the true GOAT — we wouldn’t have witnessed any of that Fabricio Werdum/Bigfoot Silva/Dan Henderson nonsense.

We do have Mark Hunt, the last bastion of Pride FC heavyweight greatness. According to a report by your favorite New York Knicks fan, Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos is official for UFC 160. Yes, all of that #Rally4Hunt stuff on Twitter worked. The reason why we didn’t publish those earlier reports of Mark Hunt turning down a fight is because we knew it wasn’t true. Folks, we may look like a friendly whimsical site on the outside, but we have 007-level spies in every organization telling us their dirty little secrets.

There you have it, Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos at UFC 160. Now it’s time to alter the official MiddleEasy Frate Trane list.

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