You decide: Is this video of Renato Laranja vs. Chris Weidman real, or just a gag?

I’ve spent the past year of my life perfecting my Renato Laranja accent, and my neighbors think I’ve developed a secondary personality that refers to everything as ‘that guy.’ If you follow Renato Laranja on Twitter, you’ll know that he has developed a rabbit stew that he really wants Eddie Bravo to try. I’m fascinated with this guy, and you should be too. He was even nominated in the 2012 MiddleEasy Awards for Tweeter of the Year — so you must hespect that guy. Apparently some guy on the internet named Rhasaan Orange has been claiming to be Renato Laranja, but we know the truth.

A few weeks ago Bobby Razak filmed an interview with Chris Weidman which was interrupted by Renato Laranja. The two eventually scrapped it out a little, and Renato tapped Weidman. Now, Bobby Razak believes that it was a sincere altercation (he’s even gone on YouTube to state it was real) while I believe it was just Renato being Renato. Have a look and tell us if you thought it was real or just a gag.

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