Yoel Romero Palacio just had his third MMA fight, and he’s still WINNING — via ‘Retirement’

Don’t act like you don’t know who Yoel Romero Palacio is. His takedowns are congruent to a Salvador Dali painting. In fact, the guy even grabbed our intangible 2010 ‘Takedown of the Year’ award. Too bad he will never be able to hold it in his hands, ever. Yoel made his MMA debut in December 20th 2009 and TKOd Sascha Weinpolter in forty-eight seconds. Yoel went on to win his second MMA bout on October 8th 2010 through using one hand to flip a guy by his ankle and eventually forcing his opponent to retire. Yes, Yoel Romero Palacio is one of the few MMA fighters that has gained a victory via retirement. Essentially, Yoel’s skills were at such a heightened level that his opponent forfeited the fight realizing that any offensive action would be futile against Romero. Just a few days ago at Superior Fighting Championship, Yoel Romero made another opponent retire. That means that exactly 66% of Yoel’s fights have ended with his opponent admitting defeat, before being defeated. Check out this clip from Yoel’s most recent fight against Nikita Petrovs and don’t worry, I cued the video perfectly. Props to Eric for the tip.

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