Yeah, Miesha Tate can bake MMA themed cakes too

Damn, Miesha Tate took the idea I had if only I could place something in an oven without lighting an object on fire and (or) burning down part of my kitchen. If setting off my fire alarm was a prerequisite for being in the Justice League of America, I would have already — made a reference entirely too geeky for people to understand. Dammit. Look, I can’t bake anything and for me to even consider creating a cake in the shape of a shirt which the Korean Zombie made widely popular is absurd. Basically what I’m trying to say is I need a girl that can create MMA themed cakes at the drop of a dime, regardless of time or location. Miesha Tate is a front-runner in this imaginary contest, but she’s dating someone and every time she sees me, I always get the ‘head nod’ instead of the ‘Hey Zeus, I miss you!’ with complimentary hug greeting. It’s cool Miesha, you can still bake a gnarly cake as illustrated by these picture from The Underground.

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