Video: Yair Rodriguez Destroys BJ Penn. We’re Not Surprised, We’re Just Disappointed

Yeah, so, Yair Rodriguez completely eradicated BJ Penn. It was the thing we thought was going to happen, but never wanted to truly admit. Penn just will never give up, sometimes that has benefited his wild ass career, but in the last several fights it has not. While Penn got a couple of shots in, he was always there for Rodriguez to style on. Whether it was a simple leg kick, or some 540 backlipping, tornado, tatsumaki senpuu kyaku Ryu shit, everything landed.

Rodriguez landed about 175 punches on the ground. Big John McCarthy let it go as long as he could, like, real long, like… he should have stopped it way before he did. But, in a way, I think he too wanted no excuse on anyone’s behalf that he didn’t give the MMA deity every chance in the world. It truly is a solemn day for all Penn fans out there. Go home, hug you family, eat SPAM®, light candles, do something to show your love.

Watch this destruction below as the rest of us mourn.

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