X-factor contestant sings a song created entirely for Jon Jones

Sometimes when I’m in my kitchen making sandwiches like a good woman should, I make up songs about my food and sing these songs loudly. I do this during almost any household chore or menial task in order to make it less mind numbing. I’ll make up a song about taking out the garbage or even cleaning the lint filter on the dryer. I found myself wondering what my neighbors must think yesterday as I was in my kitchen and could hear my neighbor screaming in hindi at her four kids. I  couldn’t help but feel a little embarassed because my freestyle harmonic genius is not something I like to share with anyone else and surely not something I would ever video record and share with the world. My singing stays private, I’m not looking to be a contestant on that X-factor show.

The chick in this video is all about sharing her singing of silly homemade songs with the world though. Apparently she is a contestant on the X-factor though so she should feel comfortable with it. X-factor has nothing to do with MMA and neither does this chick-but the song she is singing does. It’s a song created entirely for Jon Jones and the UFC 151 fiasco.

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