WWE’s 275 pound Baron Corbin says he’d like to slam little Conor McGregor on his head

Conor McGregor is everywhere. Baron Corbin is just days away from a WrestleMania 33 Intercontinental championship match with Dean Ambrose but the floating green ghost of McGregor is just hovering above him. Corbin may have taken his eye off the ball when he was asked about McGregor in a radio interview this week.

A former boxer and NFL lineman, Corbin was asked about the potential Mayweather vs. McGregor mega fight of awesomeness and he gave a straightforward answer.

“I would go with Mayweather, I mean, the guy is unprecedented, he has zero losses. And he has an ego, I mean who wouldn’t – I have an ego, I like to tell everyone ‘I’m the best’ and carry myself that way, but I mean nobody has touched Floyd and he has created a legacy and Conor McGregor is a professional at running his mouth,”

Remember when McGregor called the entire WWE a bunch of pussies? Corbin remembers and the six foot eight inch 275 pound does not take too kindly of McGregor going into business for himself. In a sick way, we kind of want to see what happens when a trained UFC champion runs into a much larger pro wrestler. Pride would’ve find a way to make our daydream a twisted reality.

“I think, ya know, he’s called out a few WWE Superstars, I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at Conor McGregor and – he’s like 165 pounds, 185 pounds soaking wet. So, I would like to slam him on his head a few times.”

Full angry Corbin audio below

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