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Tyron Woodley And Jake Paul Make Bet Ahead Of Boxing Match

Former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley agrees to a wager with Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley And Jake Paul Make Bet Ahead Of Boxing Match

Things have gotten a little more interesting ahead of Tyron Woodley’s boxing debut

A Betting Man

The former UFC Champion is set to take on Jake Paul in his home turf of Cleveland, Ohio on August 29th. Paul is a gambler of sorts and is always wanting to up the ante. He does this against the toughest test of his small boxing career, when he faces off against Woodley. 

Paul is considered to be against the odds when it comes to facing the heavy-handed T-Wood. However, this wouldn’t stop the YouTuber in placing a wager on the fight. 

And no, Woodley wouldn’t agree to Paul’s offer of putting their fight purses on the line. 

An Alternative 

Instead, Paul and Woodley would bet on something else. Tattoos. Whoever loses the fight has to get the victor’s name on their skin, along with a declaration of love to them inked up. 

“Let’s make a new bet.” Paul told Woodley. “If I beat you, you have to get ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattooed on you. But if you beat me, I get ‘I love Tyron Woodley’ tattooed on me and you have to post it on your Instagram feed.”

Woodley would ask the media if he should do it. With positive feedback, Woodley would accept Paul’s offer.

After August 29th, we will see who wears the embarrassing tattoo for the rest of their life. 

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