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Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Shares Projectile Vomit Story Before UFC 264

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson took to Youtube to explain his projectile vomit story that happened right before UFC 264 against Gilbert Burns

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Shares Projectile Vomit Story Before UFC 264

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson told an embarrassing story fueled by vomit ahead of UFC 264. The moment may go down as the most embarrassing story of Wonderboy’s life.

Thompson took on Gilbert Burns in a welterweight clash during the co-main event of UFC 264. Both men fought an extremely technical fight, each winning exchanges against the other. 

Wonderboy Tells Vomit Story Before UFC 264

Ultimately, the decision went in favor of Burns. But, the story was what happened with Wobodery leading up to the fight. Speaking on Youtube, Thompson said about an unfortunate sickness that caused him to vomit. 

“While you’re there, we have food and I’ve got like five shakes that I have to drink, along with some water,” Thompson said in a video  “Now I’m depleted of pretty much everything at this point, and these shakes have a ton of sodium, sugars, vitamins, minerals, potassium — it’s got everything you can think of in a shake, so it’s rough on the body if you chug it, right?”

“I’m sitting there with my dad with a bunch of fighters around me and people are coming over to try and talk to me, and I already drank my first drink along with like two water bottles,” Thompson said.  “And then I started getting — something started to happen to me.”

Wonderboy Explains Embarassment

“Dad runs over there and pushes some UFC fighters away to try and get this thing to me — and he doesn’t get it to me,” Thompson said. “I projectile vomit everywhere. In front of the entire UFC roster. In front of everybody.

“And what was crazy before that, all these undercard fighters were coming up to get pictures with me. … Max ‘Pain’ (Griffin), super cool guy, I had just signed a card. He gave me one of my ‘Wonderboy’ cards, ‘Man, can you sign this for me?’ I signed it for him, he’s super cool, he’s such a nice guy, I love that guy. And as soon as he literally sat down, like right behind me…(Wonderboy makes vomit noises)

Perhaps Wonderboy being sick was a contributing factor to his performance against Burns. Maybe if he didn’t have to projectile vomit all over the place, the decision loss would have gone in his favor.

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