Winners announced for our Create Your Own Fighting Style contest

A week later and a lot of entries later, three winners have finally been chosen from our ‘Create your own fighting style’ contest. A huge, massive thanks goes out to all that have participated. It was interesting to see how some of you think. If you ever find yourself wrist deep in a pool of blood and decide to use the insanity defense, now has conclusive proof that may get you off on your conviction. If you didn’t win, it’s cool. Take it easy. There will be plenty of oppurtunities to win prizes coming in 2010.

And the winners are…

1st place:
Fighting Style: Guid-Jitsu – Only effective against 4′ 2″ fake-tanned Jersey Shore residents in obnoxious hats.

2nd place:
Fighting Style: Wallid Ismail Pepe Beach Vale Tudo

3rd place:
Fighting Style: Dwarfed Skull Fighting – a fighting technique apparently used by Fedor


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