Full Fight: Did a Wild Venomoth Appear During the Ev Ting and Robert Lisita Fight in ONE FC?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a moth? ONE Championship removed soccer kicks, but it looks like it gained Pokémon. During the Ev Ting fight with Robert Lisita, it looked like a wild Venomoth appeared. The Asian fight promotion is already skyrocketing in popularity, but if people find out it is a fertile Pokémon spawning ground then millions will flock there.

Luckily, neither one of the fighters were affected by Poison Powder or a Zen Headbutt. Did anyone check the cage for Venonats before the fight? Either way, this mystical creature didn’t distract these two guys from throwing down. Sure, you can’t kick guys heads off in ONE but it didn’t cut down on the excitement.

Hey, how about you “Pokémon GO” check out the entire fight below!

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