Why is The Undertaker attacking Daniel Cormier at UFC 187?!? Who cares let’s keep watching

The sprite of Jon Jones will always hover over the aurora of Daniel Cormier for the remainder of his UFC career. Yeah, choking out a battered Anthony Johnson and winning the UFC’s 24 pounds of gold at UFC 187 is cool but what is Jon Jones up to? Without the use of supernatural powers Jones still dissected Cormier for 25 straight minutes just five months ago.

Other than a disqualification “L” from MMA unified rules sorcery, Jones has never lost inside a cage. Jones streak of MMA awesomeness is almost as impressive as future WWE Hall of Famer’s The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak. In order to go get some fans, return to the UFC, and win back the UFC belt Cormier is currently keeping warm for him, would Jon Jones turn to the darkside?

Don’t answer you already know what Jones would do. 12 to 6 elbows are illegal in the UFC but nobody said anything about choke slam run-ins. Jon Jones and The Undertaker equals “The Masters of Mind Games”. 

Gif maker craigross87 with the UFC/WWE mash-up 

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