Why is Team Liddell in the debut episode of TUF 12?

On the last season of The Ultimate Fighter, a picture leaked of a banner hanging up next to Chuck Liddell inside the TUF gym with Rich Franklin instead of Tito Ortiz. The UFC endlessly denied it…until they admitted it. Tonight, something bizarre was edited in the debut episode of TUF 12 — and it all has to do with Chuck Liddell. Check out the this clip of something that was most likely spliced in tonight’s episode from the previous series of TUF. Of course, you could put your tinfoil hat on and go with the notion that all of this is some elaborate conspuriacy theory and at some point in the show, Chuck Liddell is forced to coach. However, if you truly believe that, I will point and laugh at you for the remainder of the week. Props to Jerm for the find.

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