Whoa! TV and MiddleEasy teamed up to bring you this promo…

One day, the entire UK will recognize the genius of an American talent like ‘MTV Riff Raff.’  It may not be in your lifetime, but eventually the entire coast of Brighton will purchase diamond studded pumpkins and obsess over artificial plants. Ah, that will be the day. The day in which the UK will realize that 90% of American stardom is based entirely on a string of ridiculous premises. Until that day comes, revel in the exclusive partnership MiddleEasy has made with one of UK MMA’s rising media sources, Whoa! TV. You’ve seen their stuff on MiddleEasy in the past, now we’re producing media together — and it will be overflowing with rawesome. Check out this promo of an upcoming feature we’re doing on MMA gyms across the UK and be sure to visit Whoa! TV for more goodness.

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