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Timeline: Who In The World is Fighting Tyron Woodley For The Welterweight Title?

Timeline: Who In The World is Fighting Tyron Woodley For The Welterweight Title?

Just what in the hell is happening? Are any of you gum shoes on the case? Because the debacle that the UFC Welterweight title picture is in doesn’t make any sense. Frankly, it’s even hard to keep track of how things are playing out. We know one thing: Tyron Woodley wants a money fight. Since then, it has been utter chaos.

Today it looked like things may have been clarified. Dana White in a “exclusive” seemed to confirm that it was Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson who is going to get the shot. Of course, we all know that means absolutely nothing.

“Nick is not going to come back and fight for the title right away. There are other guys deserving of a title shot. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson is going to fight for the 170-pound title and then we’ll see what happens with Nick and Nate.” – Dana White.

This news caused two, very different reactions. Stephen Thompson celebrated while Woodley scoffed at the notion. So, what can we believe anymore? And what about Georges St-Pierre? His four months of testing leaves him open to fight in December. There are too many questions. That’s why we made a Timeline of Events to keep a record of the madness.

Here’s an official timeline of events:

1. Tyron Woodley wins title.

2. Stephen Thompson says let’s fight at UFC MSG.

3. Woodley tells Thompson nah bro, fight Lawler.

4. Woodley calls out Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre.

5, Nick Diaz says “we’ll have to see” to TMZ about Woodley fight.

6. Woodley calls Diaz an “idiot” says St-Pierre is closer anyway.

7. Woodley says he got a text from St-Pierre saying, “I’m in”.

8. Dana White says Diaz will not get a title shot upon return.

9. White says Thompson will fight Woodley for the title.

10. Woodley calls bullshit with crying, laughing emoji.

Here are both Thompson and Woodley’s reactions to the “announcement” below.

UPDATE: Tyron Woodley has actually posted screenshots on his text messages with Georges St-Pierre!


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