Whet your appetite for Fightville by watching this new look behind the scenes

There is a really, really good chance Fightville is going to be one of the best MMA documentaries in existence. When I spoke to the creator of the film Michael Tucker last month I could feel his excitement about the film overflowing in our conversation. In my own personal opinion, which you did not ask for, the power of Fightville lies in the fact that it is not made by huge MMA fans. Unlike us, when Pepper and Bones hears ‘ATT’ they probably think of the phone company, not the gym, but that doesn’t make them any less qualified to look deep into the lives of Dustin Poirier and Tim Credeur. The lens they are looking through is just tinted differently than an MMA fans, and that has clearly yielded intriguing results.

TheFightNetwork.com got some insight into what some critics are calling one of the best documentaries of the year in Fightville. Check it out.


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